About William McConnaughy, CPA

When it comes to revenue, what you make is one thing, what you keep is another. Make sure you never pay more in taxes than you have to with comprehensive tax preparation services from William McConnaughy, CPA.

We get taxes, and are highly  experienced and know the tax code, inside and out. There’s no tax deduction, break, or incentive that will escape our notice no matter how small because, to us, every dollar counts. You can rely on us for the best service possible as we make it our personal goal to minimize taxes for every client from individuals to businesses.

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William Douglas McConnaughy, CPA

William McConnaughy

William D. McConnaughy CPA has 30 years of professional tax experience. He has successfully provided tax services to thousands of clients.

William McConnaughy used to be an IRS Revenue Agent - so he has Insider knowledge about how the IRS personnel think, what pressures they're under, and how to work with them successfully.

Tax law is almost absurdly complex, and the tax code is always changing. Like all true tax professionals, Mr. McConnaughy is committed to keeping up-to-date on the latest legislation and amendments to the tax code. He holds a Master's Degree in Taxation, and he completes 40 hours of continuing education and training each year.

When you hire William McConnaughy, your account is personally managed by him - not some junior associate getting on-the-job training.

Mr. McConnaughy began his company in March of 1990, so he and his administrative staff have worked out all the kinks over 30 years of being in business. They are always polite and consummately professional.

For Mr. McConnaughy, giving his best to each and every case is a matter of pride. His conscientious approach means he treats every account as his most important client.


  • A Master’s Degree in Taxation
  • Over 30 years of professional tax experience
  • Four years working as an IRS Revenue Agent
  • Successfully served thousands of clients
  • Completes 40 hours of continuing education and training each year
  • Committed to keeping up-to-date on the latest legislation and amendments to the tax code